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    I'm looking for an organization to work with who both 'gets' and 'wants' Rock Star talent. If you are part of, or know of, an organization that you think would be match - let me know!

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    Hey, thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more about me. I've tried to keep things as succinct as possible while allowing you to get a solid understanding of who I am and the value I can bring to your organization, program, project, etc. If you don't find what you're looking for, go ahead and connect with me anyway - I'm big into reciprocity and am happy to learn more about you and your organization!


    With more than 18 years of both technical experience in infrastructure design and implementation,application design, Business Analysis and Business Process Design combined with 20 years of large-scale Program and Project Management experience, my expertise is in managing business solution requirements and technical solution architecture definition from vision to implementation.

    As the National Project Manager for one of the first ISP’s in Canada, I quickly found my niche as a ‘translator’ with an exceptional ability to translate business needs into technical solutions to the Use-Case level, thereby seamlessly translating the vision from the boardroom to the tactical requirements of the development environment. Moving into the e-learning arena in early 2000, I managed national, international and global implementations for up to 250,000 users and developed extensive experience in change management and corporate communications strategies.

    Most of my projects were multi-year, multi-million dollar solutions and I often managed several projects simultaneously (as any good PM does:) I also led the development of several proprietary enterprise models to facilitate requirements gathering processes and shifted a 60% project failure rate to a 90% success rate using these methodologies.

    I bring a unique perspective to every project through my ability to combine significant technical knowledge and aptitude, with functional, theoretical and hands-on business experience, as well as expertise in business process efficiency. My success has been a function of my ability to successfully incorporate a truly multi-stakeholder approach ensuring all needs are understood, honored, and met within the parameters of the project itself.


    Senior IT Program & Project Manager


    Director of Professional Services

    Senior Consultant 

    Jan 2014 – Present

    Senior Consultant

    September 2007 - Present

    • Senior Program Manager, Project Manager and Business Analyst
    • Established multiple PMO's from the ground up including, but not limited to: defining methodologies specific to the organization, defining and implementing governance structures to the Board level, developing and implementing processes, tools and templates to support the project lifecycle.
    • Developed and led multiple high-performance, multi-disciplinary and geographically dispersed teams. 
    • Extensive experience managing large, complex, global programs.

    Key Skills:

    • Program & Project Management
    • Solution Design & Implementation
    • Requirements Management
    • Business Process Design & Definition
    • Training & e-Learning
    • Change Management

    Founder, Rock Stars Unlimited

    2010 - Present

    Rock Stars bring creativity, innovation and massive momentum to any organization - but they have to be handled properly!


    The 'How to be a Rock Star' program provides insight into the unique corporate Rock Star personality. In particular, it delves into the 10 Essential Rock Star skills. Just a hint...one of the rock star skills is 'Trusted Intuition'...

    Whether you are a Rock Star and just don't know it, or you're working with or supporting a Rock Star, or perhaps "trying" to manage one - understanding the nature of the Rock Star personality is essential to harnessing and leveraging this powerful resource!

    Director, Solution Design

    SmartForce & Learning Solutions International

    Specialized in requirements management, functional solution design, overseeing development and/or vendor implementation and integration, pilot and testing protocols, program and project management, change management, training and documentation.

    National Project Manager & National Franchise Manager

    Atlantic Connect/Hookup Communications

    • First ISP on the TSX in Canada - key team member for IPO.
    • Integrated 17 ISP's into a single Network Operations Centre and National Call Centre.
    • Responsible for all Franchise implementations.
  • Personal Leadership Manifesto©



    My commitment is unwavering. When I am no longer committed, YOU will be the first to know because I will communicate it to you directly. 


    Passion is my primary driver. When I am no longer passionate about what I am doing, I WILL move on to something else. My passion and commitment are intimately intertwined. 


    Growth is a core life responsibility for me. Through you I grow, and my hope is that through me you will also grow.

    Lifelong Learning

    I am a student of the school of life. I learn through the school of life, I am a student of the human experience. 


    Mutual respect is a requirement for any meaningful engagement or relationship. Respectful interactions allow us both to be playing on the same field, even when we are not playing on the same team. 


    Honesty is a core principle and value for me...know that I will always be honest in all interactions - direct and indirect. Know also that I expect the same in return. 


    Trust is the foundation of my life. My choice to live by these principles is totally dependent on trust. In this, our responsibility for a successful relationship is shared. 

    © For more information on the Personal Leadership Manifesto tool please contact Sheila Kelly


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